In Stock Chilled Casting Iron Camshaft Set for Audi VW A6 A4 A8 2.5TDI Camshaft



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In Stock Chilled Casting Iron Camshaft Set for Audi VW A6 A4 A8 2.5 TDI Camshaft


Chilled Cast Iron

OE Part Number:

059109021Q X 1; 059109021BQ X 1; 059109022BC X 1; 059109022P X 1

Heat Treatment Method:

High frequency quenching


1 Set

Please contact us for camshafts customization information.

Technical Feature:

Chilled Casting Iron

*Good choice for high volume production

*Good resistance against wear because the camshaft lobes have been chilled, generally making them harder

Billet Steel (1045/1055)

*Used for low volume production

*Higher quality

*Much more time consuming process, so generally more expensive

*It gives a surface hardness of 55-60 HRC

*Can be used in high-performance engines

Chilled Cast Iron Camshaft:Surface treatment: Nitriding, Ultrasonic quenching process; HRC: 45-60

CNC Billet Steel Camshaft:Surface Treatment: Nitriding, Ultrasonic quenching process; HRC: 55-62

Process and Packaging:

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  • Newland Group
  • Newland Group

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